"I love Mondays because I get to listen to Susan Heck faithfully exposit the Word of God for ladies."
"I thank you dearly for your studies, they are the only thing that is keeping me sane in this insane world."
"Thank you for the wonderful study in Colossians. Just finished lesson two and excited for the lessons to follow. Praying and thanking God for you and your ministry.
Hi Susan;

​I have been ministering to women for more than 15 years in both formal and informal capacity.
As a church we have desired to host a lady’s conference for some time, and I came to know of Susan Heck through listening to Justin Peters. We prayed earnestly that the Lord would use Susan’s teaching and testimony to ignite the hearts of our ladies and encourage them to diligently study God’s word and connect with one another.
Hello, Susan!

​I found your bible study, “In the Fullness of Joy” on Amazon.com and received it a few days ago.
Hi Susan,
I wanted to let you know how blessed I’ve been since I started memorizing Scripture. I saw your video on Doreen Virtue and looked at your website.
Sister Susan,

My hope in this email is to, by God's grace, provide encouragement for the work you do unto the Lord. I am benefitting from the wisdom our Lord has given you by your faithfulness in prayer and careful attention to His Word.

Good morning, Susan.

Last summer, our family moved cities and we began attending a new church. The ladies from the church invited me to their ladies' Bible Study and,

Subject: Praising God by memorizing Scripture!
Hello dear Susan, my sister in Christ,

I just had to let you know how much I have been encouraged in my walk with the Lord since your conference at Fellowship Bible Church, Chester NH last October.

My name is Sarah Manns. I live in buffalo NY. I just wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciate your teachings!!!! I heard of you though Justin Peters.
Dear Susan:
I am a pastors wife in Canada. We had intended to go through your study on prayer with a group of 5 ladies. Providentially, I ordered your study on suffering instead and God brought 11 ladies to the group.
I wanted to tell you how much I love your radio program.
I know some women who feel the OT is just a bunch of rules, and laws, and is no longer considered to be useful.
Dearest sister Susan,
I cannot thank you enough for your teaching of the word,
Ellen Wall
Hi Susan, so enjoying your Bible study of 1 Peter, it is so refreshing
to hear a lady like yourself that loves God's Word. I also was not
saved until I was 32 years old....
From Diana Burggraff

I have been “begging” the Lord to expose me to theologically rich female authors and was blessed to stumble across your materials online. I am currently reading through your book on Philippians and have to tell you that you have